Other People Exist

and are not just sense data

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Studies show that even when they are not there, other people exist, with thoughts, feelings, and desires just like you


A Cold Call from OPE

Our mutual friend Doug writes me to say "My friend Ed Muffler [name has been changed]...fancied the OPEs, as made available in my bathroom." He urged me to contact you with subscription information and felt sure you would respond enthusiastically.

This will be quite awkward if he is wrong.

Subscriptions are renewed every six issues
There are 3 issues left in the current subscription cycle
$12 will get you the next three issues
$16 will get you the next three issues and a Best of OPE issue not available in Doug's bathroom

Checks/cash can be sent to:
Kurt Xxxxxxxxx
XXX XXst Street
Xxxxxx, XX XXXX3


UPDATE! (A response from Ed):

I enjoyed your zine a lot...It'll probably be toward the end of the month before I do, but I'm planning to drop you a check. I look forward to having OPE in my own bathroom.


OPE celebrates the arrival of money

I enjoy receiving your money. I have no preference between cash and checks. My bank, however, does not accept money orders.

Money can be sent to me to subscribe to Other People Exist zine, to purchase back issues, or as a thank you for doing the work I do and being an inspiration to anyone who has ever wanted to quit his job like a big baby and follow his unrealistic dreams.


OPE's font

We received numerous calls and FAXes asking about the font used in Monday's Overheard cartoon - the same font used for OPE's logo. It was created by friend of OPE Doug Kauffman. He calls the font Marshmallow and says it makes the letters appear as if they have been Jet-Puffed®, just like Craft marshmallows.

BTW, marshmallows were once made with marshmallow root and honey, before modern technology made it possible to substitute all the ingredients with non-nutritive ones.



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I will be on the road until May 1, and Issue #27 of OPE will have to wait until I get back. OPE recently moved from a bimonthly to a biwhenever publication precisely so that I could be more free with my time. Kudos to me.