Other People Exist

and are not just sense data

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Studies show that even when they are not there, other people exist, with thoughts, feelings, and desires just like you


An email to OPE's lapsed subscribers

This is Malcolm, Kurt's assistant at Other People Exist zine. He doesn't know I'm writing to you. In fact, he'd be mortified to know that I email his subscribers to remind them to renew their subscriptions. He thinks each of you just remembers on your own, without prodding. Isn't that sweet? Let's not let him find out the truth.

Please renew today and help preserve the adorable innocence of a young American cartoonist. Year Six of OPE is, as always, $24 (though larger donations are appreciated). OPE's address is:

Xxxxxx, XX XXXX3

You can make a difference,



From Issue #15 of Other People Exist zine



We received a new subscription order for OPE zine yesterday through Old Tyme mail. OPE zine is now read and presumably enjoyed on three continents again. It was quite a blow when we lost our Australian subscriber (and the associated continent) in 2007. That same year, we realized that we would probably never secure Antarctic subscribers. But the continents of South America and Africa still hold millions of potential readers, especially in English-speaking areas.

Of course, we welcome any and all subscription orders, even those which do not help us conquer fresh continents. Our latest subscriber remitted payment in my most favorite form, the cash-stuffed envelope (CSE). With PayP@l now stealing a substantial portion of every payment I receive (and becoming less like a pal than ever), there has never been a better time to use the CSE. Simply locate an envelope, stuff it with cash ($4) and mail it c/o Kurt at OPE. Stuff $5 in your envelope and receive a free surprise!*

*we cannot guarantee that you will be surprised.