Other People Exist

and are not just sense data

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Studies show that even when they are not there, other people exist, with thoughts, feelings, and desires just like you


Issue #42 of Other People Exist, the 9th Annual Death/Christmas Issue, will enter the mail stream today at approximately 12:00PM EST. Subscribers should begin their vigil by the mailbox immediately. 

Several people have written asking me to recommend the best type of chair for vigil purposes. I cannot recommend any chairs, since I don't recommend sitting at all during your vigil. Sitting leads to distracting activities such as reading, resting, or eating. I recommend standing beside the mailbox with a hand or arm resting gently upon it. In this position, the vigil-holder is quick to detect any motion in or around the box area, particularly the insertion of mail.

Stay by the box. Don't lose focus. If you are performing the vigil correctly, you will be there for the arrival of the issue. That is the point of the boxside vigil.


Blogger Alan Smithee said...

Alan Smithee is emailing you photos of him mid-vigil. Please send any tips.

5:39 AM  
Blogger Kurt said...

Pull up your knee pads.

5:41 AM  
Blogger tony said...

Stay Calm & Focus During any Vigil ..but (yea!)..knee pads! :)

3:47 PM  
Blogger tut-tut said...

What's the price of subscription again? 2014 was a solvent year on this end.

10:28 AM  
Blogger Kurt said...

$24 for 6 issues. So glad 2014 went well for you.

10:49 AM  
Blogger tut-tut said...

Thanks; you'll be hearing from me.

4:15 PM  

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